Intermittent Fasting – The holy grail of diets?

Intermittent Fasting – The holy grail of diets?

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When you stepped on the scale this morning, you may have noticed that you were a few pounds heavier than you would have liked. More than likely, there were other signs that you were packing it on, like feeling listless, tired and probably not as sharp as you can normally be. It is even possible that you found yourself feeling a little depressed, maybe you started getting looks from some of the people that you come in contact with at the office. Well I can assure you that this has been the case for me for the last 3 or so weeks. I hate it! Read More

My new blender – Review of the VitaMix 5200

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Vitamix 5200When people think of blenders, they don’t think of anything too special. They just think of something that mixes drinks or smoothies together and gets the job done. The VitaMix 500 is the exact opposite of that, as it is the ultimate blender with many great reviews so far. Yes, it may be expensive and a little out of your comfort zone when it comes to buying kitchen appliances, but this blender won’t disappoint. Do not go with the cheaper version because it will just be a disappointment and won’t hold out in the long run. The reason why top chefs use the VitaMix is because it is simply able to do what all those other cheaper short-lived models are not. So, after reading many reviews about the Vitamix 5200 I decided to get my new toy. Judging from the list of best blenders and from my first impressions I can say I made the right decision!

The VitaMix 5200 has been built to endure a lot of use, therefore the reason it has such a sturdy and durable construction. One of the great perks that come with this machine is a 7-year guarantee. That is not normal for any product out there on the market. The company must have confidence in their blender to offer a 7-year guarantee!!! People have not been shy to mention in cooking forums throughout the web about how their VitaMix is still going strong after a heavy amount of use.

The first impression of the VitaMix 5200 may be a little disappointing as it does not represent what a brand new fancy gadget might look like, but do not let the looks of it fool you. This may be upsetting to some of you because most people want a blender that grabs attention. Don’t be alarmed too much though. It will still fit nicely along your countertop in your kitchen. For any chef or if you are just the cook for your family, you all know that results are most important and the VitaMix 5200 can definitely deliver.

Another surprising yet very unique attribute to the VitaMix is that it only comes with the blender base, the tall glass pitcher, and the lid with its removable plug. A lot of other blenders have the problem of coming with all these other attachments and countless components that you have to read the directions over and over until you understand what they are for. The VitaMix is simple yet very convenient for anyone using a blender. It also comes with a unique feature called the “tamper”, which is a rod-like instrument that is able to push the larger food objects into the spinning blade.

Another bonus to the VitaMix 5200 is that it comes with a free recipe book that gives the customer the choice of over 300 recipes. This is just another cool feature that comes with this unique machine. All the recipes are of course delectable and yummy, but also very healthy!

Another advantage to this blender is that it has a 2-peak horsepower motor, which makes it able to crush the food up so efficiently. Surprisingly, it is actually able to generate enough friction so that soups can be warmed up. It is a machine with so much versatility when preparing food. Over time, the VitaMix 5200 will most likely save you money, save you time obviously through both preparing food and clean up, make you healthier, and it is also very easy to use! I got my Vitamix on Amazon and it got delivered within 2 days.

Diets: How To Choose From All The Options?

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If you’re like me, you know that there are a ton of different options when it comes to dieting that it is just ridiculous. That makes it nearly impossible to find one that works for you. Well I’m here to offer at least a little help. Read More

A quick hello

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Hi everyone!

Before I start blogging away I wanted to quickly say hello to everyone out there. I just started my journey of loosing some weight (my goal is to loose 15 pounds over the next 6 month) and since I am the type of person who needs to research everything there is to know about diets and stuff I decided to put my findings on this blog. Maybe it helps you in your own endeavors to loose some weight. Alright…let’s do this :)

About me

Hi my name is Sadie. My friends say I am a health and diet fanatic but honestly I just like to feel good. For the larger part of my life I ate what and when I wanted and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle.

A few month ago I decided to change that. I read a lot about diets, food and a healthy lifestyle and slowly but surely I began to change mine. This blog is my diary. I post about things I find on the web, new diets, healthy recipes and more.

Feel free to comment on my posts. I would love to hear from you!